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  1. Honey heals wounds faster than antibiotics
  2. Weather forcast for the Phoenix Metro Area
  3. Weather gobbly gook
  4. Weather talk
  5. Weather terms
  6. Slang the weather forcasters use
  7. Documentary shows prostitutes negotiating deals
  8. Tempe Police don't Respect U.S. Constitution
  9. Visit Thailand. It is cheep and nice.
  10. Freedom of Information Act FOIA
  11. Global Crossing Support - Primenet finally shuts down
  12. Global Crossing hangs tough
  13. Plants that eat living things - carnivors
  14. PERL Program
  15. batch file
  16. Woman of the Night
  17. Southern California 'Big One' overdue, new quake studies suggest
  18. a textile that conducts electricity
  19. Free setup until 2003
  20. I want your money spam
  21. TELECOM Digest
  23. You Are a Suspect Homeland Security Act
  24. "Metropolis" at Madstone Theaters in Chandler
  26. Primenet Migration Notice
  27. Tempe False Arrest
  28. "This Call May be Monitored or Recorded."
  29. Nice pictorial/musical/calming/inspirational message.FWD
  30. Boom box noise woes may grow Carmakers adding powerful stereos
  31. Young male drivers targeted Car stereos becoming louder and more powerful
  32. 3 charged in ID theft case with more than 30,000 victims
  33. Indian Festival this Sunday in Downtown Phoenix (Indian like in India, not American Indian)
  34. Food banks in Phoenix for homeless people
  35. grossly over priced but cool stuff to kill people with but amusing
  36. How to find out who really sent you an e-mail by looking at the header information
  37. Shelter for homeless faces funds shortfall
  38. Phoenix Anarchists
  39. Cities cracking down on neighborhood blight Codes get stricter And the thugs will seize your home and jail you if you don't mow your lawn
  40. Keep staples of Mexican cuisine on hand
  41. Arizona's money now cleaner thanks to cash-processing site (if your a bank robber this is where the money is at in Phoenix)
  42. fixed fixed fixed
  43. fixed fixed fixed
  44. visit nicaragua - with hotel rates of $2 a day i can live forever
  45. Nose Bleed
  46. How to find the temp files Internet Explorer (IE) creates Grey showed me this
  47. Carnivorous plants nip insects in buds Varieties popular as houseplants
  48. LA house of porn raises neighbors' ire in tony section
  49. LA house of porn raises neighbors' ire in tony section
  50. Porn taped at Indiana University 'Shane's World' angers officials
  51. Ton's of gif's
  52. Ton's og gif's
  53. Food banks in Phoenix for homeless people to get food
  54. How to get IE to show you where all the temp files it creates are stored Grey showed me how to do this
  55. COPWATCHER's get free food on the southside
  56. Obtaining FEMA Essential Personell ID
  57. U.S. government is actually contemplating an unprovoked war against Iraq?
  58. What We Can Learn from World War II
  59. Diwali
  60. The Embarrassment and Illegality of the No-Fly Zones
  61. Corporate Cyberstalking: An Invitation to Build Theory
  62. Secret U.S. Court OKs Electronic Spying
  63. Programming Languages
  64. stops photo radar loover
  65. Lockpicks, ammo, guns and other grossly overpriced stuff
  66. a simpler solution to photo radar
  67. Sarah Anand, 12, is a dancer with Arathi School of India
  68. hits
  69. photos
  70. AZTEC Logo
  71. got dirt? want to sell dirt? want to buy dirt?
  72. Mayo adds robot surgeon
  73. Stories about evil things the American government is doing
  74. AZTEC Logo
  75. CT scans often create needless worries
  76. Full-body scans often cause unnecessary anxiety
  77. Food banks in Phoenix area for homeless people
  78. 1000's of gif's
  79. Mexico fights new battle: Corralling 'narco-ballads'
  80. New Times 10K still strong; planning begun for '03
  81. go to Somalia for your fake passport and fake Id needs.
  82. Phoenix Police shake down people to reduce money paid out for claims against damages caused by Phoenix Police
  83. Refined foods may be cause of pimples and acne
  84. 528,000 techies out of work & 195,000 foreigners here
  85. Is it true that we don't really taste pepper but that it's a sensation?
  86. This is your brain on eggnog
  87. 577-60-1114, John Edgar Hoover, 1/1/1895 - FBI Police state
  88. Bible stories given gay perspective
  89. WLA Activist Meeting Western Libertarian Alliance meeting
  90. Get your teeth fixed her and make monthly payments
  91. Get your teeth fixed her and make monthly payments
  92. Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA
  93. Rock Burglars net $20 million 9-year spree in northeast Valley
  94. 'Rock Burglars' strike three more PV homes
  95. Nada, Zip, Nunca, Zero
  96. I will respond to any request for "your Social" by cheerfully replying "577-60-1114
  97. Diminished Value Settlement
  99. High Court to Hear Miranda Challenge
  100. a simpler solution to photo radar
  101. Why are politicians proof of reincarnation?
  102. Say, Father, what causes arthritis?
  103. Bell Canada Phone Bills Reveal Government Bugging
  104. your website was very unnerving and insulting.....
  105. hola from the smelly east coast
  106. *Ping*!
  107. 2600 Web Site Ring
  108. I would have tried to catch up with someone from AZ 2600 in IRC...
  109. Please call me if you wish to discuss my "suspicions" and observations from a number of years ago. David Dorn
  110. Judge overturns rule limiting Social Security numbers for foreigners
  111. Arizona Representative Maiorana says "GO FUCK YOURSELF" well at least he is honest with his words
  112. David Hardy's Book on Second Amendment
  113. Blond breast strokes (humor)
  114. Governmentium
  115. Zebediah was in the fertilized egg business ...
  116. Take the Korn Shell, JavaScript, and SQL tests
  117. The two nuns are walking along a country road
  118. hits
  119. hits
  120. Phoenix Police shake down victems of Police crime to reduce cost of insuranse claims paid by Phoenix Police
  121. Learn what Google says about you. If your an asshole it may be wize to check this. (hint: Paul Putz and David Dorn)
  122. your e-mail of March 25th - David Dorn why doesnt the jerk just email me a copy of the lies he is telling people about me?
  123. FEAR: Wrongly seized $1M going back to Fleet customers
  124. Homeland Security Jokes
  125. free bus passes
  126. anti-government gifs
  127. boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law
  128. locate people with these urs!
  129. Mascot spoof makes money "Fightin' Whites"
  130. Messy yard cops at it again
  131. ub_queue/ub100097.html
  132. North America's fully professional whistler
  133. More messy yard cops
  134. Animators face extinction
  135. dentist
  136. 100 attacks foiled, FBI says
  137. Robotic cameras flash out graffiti art
  138. storm drains are for rain
  139. :%s///g so thats why vi got into a loop
  140. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  141. 'Material witnesses' often held months without testifying
  142. how to get IE (internet explorer) to show where its stashing its internal files
  143. our tax dollars being wasted.
  144. contracts
  145. dentist
  146. New satellite to measure ice sheets (gosh what a waste of our money)
  147. clay pig
  148. free bus passes
  149. Microsoft Java
  150. Fourty-one dollar hamburger
  151. Perhaps COPWATCH could raise money with a blockwatch grant
  152. The young face of arthritis Why my arm hurts
  153. How to stop spam junk e-mail
  154. See if COPWATCH can do something like this to raise money
  155. Chinese food store
  156. Surgeons Leave Tools In 1,500 Patients A Year
  157. It's fucking cold in Moscow put in useless
  158. 1,000 South Asians die in cold spell
  159. Run for Mayor of Tempe or Tempe City Councilman in 2004
  160. Run for President in 2004. Call Federal Election center for rules
  161. Surprise Mayor Joan Shafer shakes down Lennar Communities Development Inc for money
  162. Cool sites
  163. New satellite to measure ice sheets
  164. for good dentist call charlie smith
  165. Answer
  166. "storm drains are for rain" its the law
  167. to view temp files that internet explorer ( ie ) is creating and using do this
  168. seach for the title and section of this federal law
  169. how to determine who sent fake email by looking at headers
  170. :%s///g
  171. ammonium nitrate fuel oil explosive ANFO
  172. ANFO explosive mixtures
  173. nitro mix
  174. Convictions thrown out in Central Park rape case
  175. Why is the government so resistant to a formal celebration of our founding freedoms?
  177. California Budget Deficit Nears $35 Billion
  178. Should the Forest Service Have Money to Burn?
  179. final/ub100116.html
  180. CRYPTO-GRAM December 15, 2002
  181. Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in Calif.
  182. Chapter 1 - Kevin's Story - by Kevin Mitnick
  183. Kevin's Story by Kevin Mitnick
  184. "storm drains are for rain" its the law - Phoenix wasting money on this nonsense
  185. Robotic cameras flash out graffiti art
  186. More lies from the FBI
  187. dentist that will take payments!!!!
  188. Animators face extinction Computer-generated films outdraw traditional cartoons
  189. Messy yard laws
  190. Whistling to ethical standards
  191. Nada, Nunca, Nadiea
  192. Messy yard laws out of control
  193. Fightin' Whites spoof makes fun of PC mascot
  194. locate people with these urs!
  195. Bush administration officials acknowledged that boarding the ship and taking charge of its cargo probably violated international law.
  196. The Iraq war will really polute the air
  197. Nasa sucks
  198. places to get FREE credit cards
  199. how to make moonshine
  200. Net's importance to public grows; trust falls Users have less time for TV, survey says I never look at TV but use the net all the time - the webmaster
  201. Grading eggs by the dozen
  202. bollywood which is where the indian movies are made.
  203. Linux is really just another flavor of UNIX which has existed in many flavors AIX, SUN, SOLARIS, BSD, System V
  204. Easing Linux Management on IBM Mainframes
  205. I love the free market - Cheap water could become thing of past as supplies dwindle
  206. I love the free market - Cheap water could become thing of past as supplies dwindle
  207. Video crew finds girls to go 'Wild'
  208. Bush's remarks about space shuttle Columbia
  209. the space shuttle is a huge waste of money by the government! this crash is another billion dollar fuck up by the government.
  210. 'Kid's ailment' tonsillitis is on the rise in adults
  211. Hundreds join Hells Angels for annual ride past prison
  212. Shuttle disaster 'good news' to some in Arab world
  213. Shuttle debris in Arizona?
  214. e-mailed from space
  215. Phoenix kid commits sucide in chat room on line
  216. Fun job. This guy gets drunk girls to pose nude for him and films it
  217. Customized look for PC, Windows
  218. Used chipmaking equipment
  219. bush takes time off from his plan to kill people in iraq.
  220. Columbia disintegrates over Texas, 7 astronauts killed
  221. How much water do fish drink? - And all you ever wanted to know about fish pee
  222. Useless information on forks and knives
  223. How dumb was Nassau's government?
  224. A smart in-pipe data system could revolutionize how - and where - we get oil.
  225. Astronauts' view during shuttle re-entry is hellish
  226. Bathrooms :)
  227. They get girls to show them their boobs and they vidio tape it
  228. see if i can trace the history of when the government started requiring people to have license plates on their cars and drivers licenses to drive cars
  229. you do not have take a "field sobriety tests"
  230. our government sure is good at wasting money
  231. EE grads face worst job market in 20 years (same tale for software engineers)
  232. Silicon-based gunpowder may propel MEMS devices
  233. Camera-phones take hold as digital imaging platform (about chips being made that are both cell phone chips and camera chips)
  235. Clinton Environmental Policy Sabotaged the Shuttle
  236. New research says ibuprofen, aspirin are bad mix for heart
  237. Speaking Spanglish - Espanol, English
  238. Chinese calendar not easy to date
  239. 2 ATMs stolen. Cops ain't worth jackshit
  240. Cheep rain gauge
  241. Clouds
  242. While David Dorn may think looks are everything it aint so
  243. Sound waves will tell why Space Shuttle crashed?
  244. Ridiculed high-fat, low-carb Atkins diet gaining respect
  245. Low blood sugar in brain linked to memory loss, study says
  246. HTML defination lists
  247. Nevada considers taxing brothels
  248. Chipmaker moving into data-transmitting cell phones
  249. Motorola Moving Cell Phones to Linux
  250. NASA engineer worried about heat on shuttle tires
  251. Shuttle's exterior pierced during fiery descent
  252. Moves Afoot for Linux Certification
  253. Space Shuttle Columbia crashes
  254. ripper software to convert wav files to mp3 files
  255. met sunday ripper software to convert wav files to mp3 files
  256. hot hot babes in swimsuits
  257. How to survive a heart attack when your alone
  258. any guy who can wrap his
  259. interesting news, but a huge waste of money
  260. An ASU scientist believes he has found conditions on Mars that would support life
  261. Michael Kielsky's Home Page
  262. Mark Walsh's Home Page
  263. Spy Equipment
  264. Artificial "Gummy" Fingers can fool Fingerprint Indetification Systems
  265. Artificial "Gummy" Fingers on Fingerprint Systems
  266. napalm
  267. Explosive (ANFO Type)
  268. What's your share of the national debt? Your share is $21,333.33.
  269. hacker steals 8 million Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card numbers
  270. Coffee consumption 'can increase stillbirth risk'
  271. Start Your Engines, Check Your Antifreeze
  272. What Would Jesus Drive in a Snowstorm?
  273. You Know You're a New Yorker When...
  274. Plan to block porn sites sparks outrage
  275. i used to live in los angeles and i like earth quakes
  276. Asteroid hit moon in '53, NASA says
  277. Wimp or stoic? Just blame reaction to pain on genes
  278. this seems to say that some people need to be doped up all the time to feel good
  279. Record SNOW - something we never see in Phoenix
  281. Two aliens landed in the West Texas desert near an abandoned gas station
  282. interesting news, but a huge waste of money
  283. mark walsh's home page (another MRC person)
  284. Cloak and Dagger Books
  285. Impact of Artificial "Gummy" Fingers on Fingerprint Systems
  286. napalm
  287. ANFO explosives
  288. ammonium nitrate explosives
  289. Your share is $21,333.33.
  290. hacked - 8 Million Credit Accounts Exposed
  291. What is that smell? Creosote
  292. Do research before accepting settlement
  293. 'Bait' car lures thief; police promptly snag and land him
  294. Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer
  295. Microsoft Strips for China - well maybe Microsoft strips money from China
  296. Michael Kielsky - the law can not help you
  297. IBM lays off 1,000 in software
  298. visit this island down in baja california
  299. Mexico takes over pristine isle
  300. Web site of the Phoenix office of the National Weather Service
  301. no wonder i have been sick so long. there are a whole bunch of different viruses out there
  302. State Law Library closing doors
  303. Payroll cards catching on
  304. drowning worms
  305. hot and dry like i like it
  306. Mouthing Off: Conquering vaginas and fearing cunts
  307. What does your phone number spell?
  308. September 11
  309. CN Tower
  310. Taipei 101
  311. Burj Dubai
  312. Sears Tower
  313. World Trade Center
  314. Empire State Building
  315. 911
  316. 9/11
  317. Burj Tower
  318. Worlds tallest building
  319. Worlds tallest structure
  320. Dubai tower world's tallest structure
  321. Dubai tower - DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Persian Gulf

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